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Product Fundamentals

HoweRT® Micro-Sport® units are Grade 2 Medical devices that are resonance-based (also known as Frequency Specific) microcurrent devices. As a microcurrent device, the unit generates an electrical current in the millionths of an amp. They are designed by InspirStar, Inc. of Chandler, Arizona. InspirStar created the first FDA approved programmable microcurrent stimulation machine and was chosen to create the HoweRT® devices due to their high quality and excellent customer service. HoweRT® Micro-Sport® devices are FDA approved for pain and healing tissues. The units feature an LCD screen to make accessing the dozens of programmed options quick and easy. This ease of use supported the development of very comprehensive units for both the Sport and Home Wellness arenas.

Wellness PEMF units are leading the way. These clinic grade Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices blend the latest in healing technology with the expert frequencies and programming of the Micro-Sport® units. Built in the state of Georgia they offer a powerful addition to your healing toolbox, but in a portable footprint. While boasting over twice the magnetic power of the leading device, they fit easily into a carry case no larger than a camera bag!

The Programming Makes the Difference!

Micro-Sport® programming is leading the way! Our programs were developed for the active therapy clinic of Vanessa Howe, MSPT. For more than a decade and a half, Vanessa has been developing programs to better meet the needs of her Physical Therapy practitioners and patients. This has involved an on-going process of clinically based program refinement across more than 10,000 individual patients. Her programs have become the FSM programs of choice for top athletes in all sports!